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Company Overview

Mission Statement: "Prima-Temp brings new, innovative biometric approaches to early disease detection and reproductive medicine through the application of 21st century thermometry. Prima-Temp's device and software precisely and continuously measure core body temperature, proven to be a predictor of ovulation and disease spread, with the potential to address a multitude of applications in human physiology including sleep disorders, drug therapy, weight control and exercise."

OvuRing® is a continuous core temperature monitoring system for women seeking to conceive a child. The device is a flexible cervical ring that a woman inserts herself, which then transmits temperature data wirelessly to a smartphone. The smartphone app then predicts ovulation but with much greater precision than a basal body temperature: rather than taking her temperature once per day and graphing the data for several months to look for a pattern, a woman can simply insert the ring and receive an alert from her smartphone. Continuous core temperature EXPANDS the fertility window with better prediction.

The PT Sensor® system is a novel external temperature monitoring system for both the acute care setting and home monitoring. Our approach provides a comfortable safe measurement of a person's true normal temperature so that alterations from their baseline can be rapidly identified and applied to evaluations for hospital-acquired infections and bacteremia. Our clinical experience of the PT Sensor® system includes clinical studies conducted in the hospital intensive care setting.

We were founded in 2010 and are based in Boulder, Colorado in partnership with Phase IV Engineering and physician investment. Prima-Temp has raised initial seed funding, established a world-class leadership and development team, and has developed and successfully tested prototype devices and smartphone applications for continuous core temperature monitoring.

We are a privately owned company and our products are currently for investigational use only in research settings.